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All are welcome to join our celebrations and community events.

Get Involved and Find Your People!

Whether you are just beginning to explore your spiritual path or are wanting to expand your circle of friends, our coven offers a wide variety of events and gatherings to help others make connections in the community.

Coven Events

There is something new each month! Check out our calendar to see the variety of events we host to help others make connections and new friends in the Pagan community.


Holiday Celebrations

Celebrate the holidays with friends! We host public holidays for the Solstices, Equinoxes, and Cross-Quarters! Check out our calendar to learn more about upcoming holidays and gatherings.

Red Tent Women's Circle

Step into the Red Tent, where women are sacred, supported, and celebrated! Each month, we gather to heal, share a communal dinner, and discuss our experiences as women. Each monthly gathering is centered around a different topic, and hosted by a different woman in our community.

Red Tent(4).png

Pagan Pen Pal Program

Want to connect with others from the comfort of your own home? Join the Pagan Pen Pal Program, and connect with fellow Pagans all across the country!

Support The Coven

Whether donating a book or pledging a monthly donation, we are deeply grateful for the kind people who support our coven. We are able to offer a wide variety of resources and events to the community because the generous contributions of people like you!



There are plenty of opportunities for all ages to get involved in events and activities. Whether you would like to lead a class, organize a community project, or host an event, we are happy to help you make the magic happen!

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