Welcome to the Coven!

Walking your path alone is a great way to get to know yourself and your craft. Solitary work is a wonderful option for many people, but some folks are looking for something a little more social.

If you are interested in meeting new friends with spiritual interests, expanding your knowledge of your craft, experiencing group energy work, and celebrating holidays or rites of passage with a loving community... then you might enjoy being part of a coven.

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What if i dont live in Indiana?

During the pandemic, we started our Pagan Pen Pal program to help people connect with other Pagans despite most public events and gatherings being cancelled (like Pagan Pride Day).

If you would like to receive a letter and small gifts from a member of our coven, you can send a letter to:

Tree of Knowledge

PO Box 2035

Columbus, IN 47202

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Outer Grove Community

The outer grove of our coven is a community of people that come together to  learn and grow together. Holidays, workshops, drum circles, and other celebrations are held through the year at a variety of locations between Indianapolis and Columbus. All are welcome to join us for these events, and you can check out the "Celebrate With Us" Page for info about upcoming events (including which charity we are collecting donations for).

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Inner Grove Teachers

Our inner grove is a group of Teachers from a variety of paths with the shared goal of creating resources and events to help the Pagan community have access to spiritual experiences and information. Each Teacher has dedicated a year of study to growing in their own craft so that they may be comfortable with teaching others and volunteering at events and festivals.


People that are interested in becoming Teachers in our coven are welcomed  with a Dedication ceremony, marking the beginning of their year of study. After a year of study and working closely with the inner grove of the coven to learn basic skills, lead rituals, and volunteer within the Pagan community, Dedicants are initiated into the inner grove of the coven.

Goals for Dedicants

Dedicants will be supported as they complete the following goals. These are intended to help each person feel confident participating in coven activities and rituals, as well as provide the tools and training needed to help build a better community and help others on their spiritual paths. Keep in mind, these are goals (rather than requirements) so if you are unable to complete some of these tasks within a years time, you may still be initiated.

Commit to small daily practices. This can include studies, meditation, altar devonions, or even blessing your morning coffee. It doesn’t have to be an elaborate ritual, but small spiritual practices can help you connect to the energy around you and within you.


Complete 6 months of working with privately on your own or with a coven member to learn the skills necessary to participate in rituals and assist the greater Pagan Community.


Complete 6 months of studying topics that call to you, so that you may become knowledgeable enough to pass your wisdom on to others. You can choose to pursue these topics independently, or work alongside a coven member who shares your interest.


Organize a project that will benefit the community. This can include a fundraiser, donation drive, class, nature cleanup, or any project that blesses others. This is a great way to get creative, educate others about causes that you are passionate about, and get to know other amazing folks in the community.


Assist with planning and teaching a class. While coven members are not required to teach classes or workshops, it is a great way to pass knowledge on to members of the community that might not otherwise be able to learn spiritual topics.


Lead a ritual, either privately with the inner grove or at a public gathering. Each coven member holds equal standing and equal respect within the coven. And so, all are welcome to lead rituals if they choose. 

Skills For Dedicants
The First 6 Months of Study

Starting Your Path

  • Questioning your path

  • Intro to meditation

  • Intro to energy work

  • Intro to ritual

  • Creating sacred space

        (physical & astral)

  • Discussing “deity” 

  • Develop your own code of ethics


Energy Working

  • Finding your center

  • Grounding

  • Raising energy

  • Directing energy

  • Charging items

  • Intro to spell work


Ritual Practice

  • Circle casting

  • Evoking energies

  • Invoking the Divine

  • Calling quarters

  • Ritual etiquette

  • Writing your own

Nature Skills

  • Knife safety

  • Fire safety

  • Fire starting

  • Finding directions

  • Identify 3 toxic herbs

  • Identify 3 healing herbs

  • Basic first aid


Community Building

  • Discuss ethics

  • Discuss closed practices

  • Discuss the impact of representation & inclusivity 

  • Networking

  • Group activities & ice breakers

  • Leading rituals

  • Organizing classes

  • Assist with teaching a class