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There are a wide variety of spiritual stores in Indiana! Here are some wonderful shops that you can visit and support if you are looking for spiritual supplies or readings.

Coven Field Trips!

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Inner Path

Indianapolis, Indiana


A word from the store owner:

"When I opened Inner Path, my intent was to offer products and services for all spiritual paths.  I know this is hardly an attainable goal because the breadth of religion and spirituality makes it nearly impossible to offer something from each and every belief system.  However, I figured I could come from a comprehensive view of God, then I could come closer to achieving this goal.

My personal beliefs are relatively simple and can be summed up in one of my favorite Sufi proverbs, “I searched for God and only found myself; I searched for myself and only found God.” I believe that God is within each and every one of us and we need only to look that far to discover God. I believe that the paths to God are as varied as the number of people on this earth."

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The Burnished Raven

Bloomington, Indiana

The Burnished Raven Co. is a metaphysical retail shop located in Bloomington, Indiana established in 2021. Seeking to fill the need to have a place for community within the Pagan/wiccan religion, the shop was created to put focus on the needs of the community itself.

The shop was started with the intent to offer Pagan/wiccan handmade items from artisans and crafty souls within the community, as well as metaphysical and ritual items. We offer a location in which we can shed some spotlight on these items and serve the needs of the community.

The Burnished Raven welcomes all peoples, regardless of orientation, race, or background. We consider ourselves a pro-LGBTQ and pro-POC organization. We strive to serve the community while educating at the same time.

311 E Winslow Rd, Bloomington, IN 47403

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The Pacey Apothecary

Seymour, Indiana


We are the Paceys. We opened the pacey apothecary in 2022.  My dream was to create a safe place for women to come release trauma. We offer free programs for women of domestic abuse and or trauma find their most feminine divine selves again through retreats, yoga, meditation, reiki, dance and more. new mothers program coming spring 2023. 

125 W 2nd St, Seymour, IN 47274

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Columbus, Indiana


We are a brick & mortar metaphysical shop without a phone or website. Inventory changes daily so come visit us!

3447 W Jonathan Moore Pike, Columbus, IN, United States, Indiana

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