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Hello Fellow Pagans!

As you may be aware, Pagan symbols and spirituality have been appropriated by Nazis and white supremacists for decades (some even since WW2). Unfortunately. some groups actively work to infiltrate Pagan spaces in an effort to recruit others.


It is the responsibility of not just leaders of Pagan events and organizations, but everyone in the Pagan community to be informed about hate groups (or individuals) that may attempt to invade our spaces. It is important to know who you are working alongside, to analyze their information for credibility, and to be a defender against white supremacy. Therefore, we have provided this guidebook of hate groups in our area, symbols, terms, dog whistles, and info about our security efforts. Further research is recommended and encouraged. We will be updating this document regularly and continue to have meetings to discuss tactics to deter, de-escalate, and defend from these threats. This is a continuing effort on our part to inform the community, protect our members, and let hate groups and white supremacists know that they will find no sympathy among us.

Click this Image to download your copy

safety intro letter.png
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Community Event Safety Booklet.png
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