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Throughout 2022, our coven offered Free Workshop Fridays for the Pagan community. Along with offering hands-on exercises, we also created printable for people to use in their practices at home. We are working to load these worksheets and other printables to our website.

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Coven Library

Books can be REALLY expensive, and may be hard to access for people just starting to explore their spiritual path. We have created a free library for the Pagan community that anyone can borrow from! Check out our online catalog to see what's on the shelves.


Along with the free prints from our classes, we also have a variety of downloadable info, digital classes, and resources on our Patreon. Each monthly pledge helps us to fund our community services and projects, purchase supplies for gatherings, and maintain our online communications.

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Image by Rob Tol

Where Do I Start?

Start your spiritual path at your own pace! We have created bite-sized lessons to introduce Pagan history, sacred days, working with nature's energies, spellcrafting, paired with exercises to help you grow on your own personal path. Download your copy and learn at home!

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