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Welcome To The Coven!

All covens are as different as the people within them. Ours is a teaching coven, so our goal is to share our knowledge and resources to help others have easier access to spiritual information. We believe that no matter your age, experience, or background, everyone has something to learn and something to teach. Even the wisest Sage or Crone can learn a thing or two from beginner witches. And so, all are welcome to host workshops, create educational material, lead rituals, etc. The community that we are growing is like a beautiful tree, with each person building a branch of knowledge to help others.  

      Our coven is a large community that consists of an inner and outer grove. The inner grove is made of our coven teachers that create educational content and workshops to share, as well as attend regular lunar rituals. The outer circle consists of any member of the Pagan community that wishes to join us in learning, celebrating, and growing together. This includes you, dear reader. Welcome to the coven!


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