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Meet The Coven

Creating An Inclusive Pagan Community


Tree of Knowledge Indiana Community Coven

Tree of Knowledge Indiana was founded in 2020 by three Pagan sisters: Rainan Hash, Windy Hash, and Brittany Phillips. During the pandemic, a wave of people began to explore Earth-centered spirituality, but many did not have the resources or community to help them along their spiritual paths. These three sisters decided to decided to create events and resources to help people who are new to their paths have access to the information that they seek, and to give everyone a community to learn and grow alongside. Since its founding, the coven has grown into a larger community with resources online and in person that meets for holidays and monthly gatherings.


Our coven has three main goals:


Our Coven Now

Over the last few years, our coven has grown into a community that welcomes people from all different paths to celebrate to gather, find support and friendship, and create fun traditions for the next generation of Earth worshippers. We are deeply grateful to the amazing people that have made this coven the caring and supportive community that it is today!

Our Coven Council

As our coven continued to grow and change, so did the needs of our community. At the Spring Equinox 2023, the members of our community voted to establish a council of seven members to serve and represent the coven for six months. Council members will be selected by vote at each Ancestor Night and May Day.



Tree of Knowledge Coven was founded with the goal of serving the Pagan community by offering educational resources and opportunities to connect with others. While we are a large community, we have created smaller circles that offer support and resources to all. These smaller “Coven Circles” serve the needs of coven members and members of the public who join us for support, regardless of their spiritual paths.


Along with our Treasurer, Historian, and Community Coordinator, we have eight leaders who have volunteered to organize these circles for the next six months. We thank the following people for volunteering to offer these resources:


  •  Missy Dominguez: Kids Full Moon Parties Leader

  • Stacya Hendrickson: Red Tent Coordinator

  • Tyler Deshong: Healing Circle Coordinator

  • Jeni Gibson: Children’s Circle Coordinator

  • Heather Barnard: Coven Librarian

  • Erika Gipson: Security Leader

  • Nai Hemlock: Community Roots Coordinator

  • Conner McKay: Class Coordinator

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