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Celebrating Life & Death

Our coven has been blessed to share many special moments with the people in our community. Handfastings, baby blessings, and rites of passage are wonderful moments that celebrate the turning of the wheel in each of our lifetimes. The process of dying and becoming an ancestor is inevitable, and often full of sorrow, but is equally important.

While handfastings and other celebrations are carefully planned for over weeks and months, an unexpected funeral or memorial service leaves little time for preparation. Unfortunately, when death comes, it does not knock. This is the reason that our coven is in the process of creating a guidebook to assist the members of our community (and all other Pagans online) with the difficult decisions that must be made surrounding death, whether our own or for a loved one. This is a work in progress, but our Guidebook For Death & Dying As A Pagan should be complete by Halloween 2023.


Below are a few topics that it will include:


Part 1: The Days & Weeks Following A Death

  • The First Steps After a Death

  • First Calls

  • Arrangement Conferences

  • How To Write An Obituary

  • Handling Estate Matters

  • How To Pay For A Funeral


Part 2: Funerals & Memorials

  • Responsibilities of a Celebrant

  • Planning the Ceremony

  • Poems & Passages for Pagan Funerals

  • Music for Pagan Funerals

  • Options for Burial, Cremation, & More

Part 3: End of Life Planning & Ceremonies

  • Planning Ahead

  • Preparing a Living Will

  • Indiana Laws Surrounding Death With Dignity

  • Discussing Death: Conversations to Have Before Passing Through the Veil

  • Comforting Pagans in Hospice & Homecare

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