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All Patreon Content is FREE!

In 2022, we created downloadable classes and projects for those who are wanting to learn from home. In the past, these were only available to our supporters on Patreon. We are happy to announce that ALL OF OUR CONTENT ON PATREON IS FREE! You have the option to join for free so that you receive notifications whenever we add free downloads to our Patreon page. We have also updated the pledge options! Those who would like to help fund our community events and projects are able to pledge a monthly offering of $3, $5, $10, or $20. Monthly offerings are not required to be a member of our coven, but this support allows us to be able to host public gatherings at a variety of venues, organize community support circles, fund our website and online services, and more! To those who are able to pledge a monthly offering, we are very grateful for your support, and we will be thanking our supporters in each quarterly newsletter. When you pledge $10 or more each month, you will receive the quarterly newsletter delivered to your home (along with a few surprises)! Check out our Patreon to download your own digital classes, newsletters, and more!

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