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Updates From The Coven Meeting

On October 29th, we held our bi-annual Coven Meeting, where all members are welcome to share their suggestions, concerns, and goals for the coven. Here are some of the discussions that we shared and the decisions that were made.

Goals For the Next 6 Months: Projects to help the houseless population Smaller social gatherings

What We Can Improve: Share a map for secluded events Order signs to display at events


Holiday Gatherings

Going forward, we will have holiday gatherings at a variety of locations central to our members so that traveling is easier for everyone. While we are very grateful to UUCCI for welcoming us to host events at their interfaith campus, we will be exploring other venues that would be more comfortable for those with religious trauma who may not be comfortable with places of worship. Here are the venues that were chosen for the next 12 months so that we can begin booking locations in advance. These may change based on availability.

Locations: Winter Solstice: UUCCI Candle Night: A Public Cabin Spring Equinox: A public park May Day: Brown County Lower Shelter Summer Solstice: Public Pool Party Harvest Day: Brown County Lower Shelter Autumn Equinox: The Cabin Ancestor Night: Lower Shelter

Donation Recipients: Winter Solstice: Food drive Candle Night: Mental health resources Spring Equinox: Humane Society May Day: Domestic Violence Shelter Summer Solstice: Trevor Project Harvest Day: Food Pantry Autumn Equinox: Food Pantry Ancestor Night: Coven Fundraiser



With online programs, venue rentals, and holiday supplies, our expected expenses for the next 6 months comes to $1,093.94. Our pledged income from Patreon supporters for the next 6 months is $660.00. To meet the needs of the coven and fund events, we will need to come up with $433.94 through fundraising or by encouraging people to pledge a monthly donation through Patreon.

Here are some fundraiser suggestions:

Coven Field Trip: Each month, the coven visits a new store and a

percentage of the group sales (before tax) goes to the coven

Book Fair: Enjoy the nostalgia! Book a venue and invite local store

owners to bring books and pay a booth fee to raise funds.

Witch Market: Book a venue and invite local businesses to set up a booth

to sell spiritual goods (must be items that the Pagan community would be

into - no MLMs). Coven members can donate items to a used item table.

Handmade items: Holiday kits, tarot wraps, candles, spell kits, etc.

If we are able to exceed our fundraising goal, we would like to set aside a bereavement fund to support the family of our coven members in the event that we lose a member of the coven. If we are able to set aside $200, we will be able to rent a venue for a memorial for $100, provide food for $50, and spend the remaining $50 on memorial pamphlets, flowers, and other supplies.



Tree of Knowledge Coven was founded with the goal of serving the Pagan community by offering educational resources and opportunities to connect with others. While we are a large community, we have created smaller circles that offer support and resources to all. These smaller “Coven Circles” serve the needs of coven members and members of the public who join us for support, regardless of their spiritual paths.

Along with our Treasurer, Historian, and Community Coordinator, we have eight leaders who have volunteered to organize these circles for the next six months. We thank the following people for volunteering to offer these resources:

  • Missy Dominguez: Kids Full Moon Parties Leader

  • Stacya Hendrickson: Red Tent Coordinator

  • Tyler Deshong: Healing Circle Coordinator

  • Jeni Gibson: Children’s Circle Coordinator

  • Heather Barnard: Coven Librarian

  • Erika Gipson: Security Leader

  • Nai Hemlock: Community Roots Coordinator

  • Conner McKay: Class Coordinator


2023 Winter Council

During the last six months, the following people have volunteered their time, energy, and resources to help our coven and the greater Pagan community. We thank them for their dedication to serving the people of our coven, and we are happy to announce the members of our Coven Council this Winter. We thank and honor the following people: From right to left: Brittany Phillips, Missy Dominguez, Jeni Gibson, Nick Dean, Chris Dean, Erika Gipson, and Conner McKay.


Thank you to everyone that joined us for our Ancestor Night Gathering! We had a wonderful time at the cabin and welcomed 23 members during our initiation ceremony.

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