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We are small coven based in Indiana that believes that spiritual information should be easy to access, inclusive, and affordable. Our goal as a teaching coven is to help others learn and feel welcomed in the Pagan community. During the 2020 pandemic, we decided to work towards offering online resources and support to those who are new to witchcraft or just wanting to live closer to nature.

Our Coven Compact

In order to foster mutual understanding and promote the smooth running of our collective spiritual endeavors, we who are Teachers of the Tree of Knowledge Coven, create this compact. We consent to work and worship according to these rules in which we are all in full agreement until such times as they are unanimously changed. Because we cherish what we are building together, we further agree to swear our sacred oath to uphold this compact. This oath is no less dear to us than the vows we make to the Divine of whom we are each a reflection. 

Tree of Knowledge Coven is open and welcoming to people of all genders, ethnic backgrounds, and spiritual paths.

Those who choose to dedicate themselves to serve the Pagan community by being initiated into Tree of Knowledge Coven will be given the title of "Teacher". This title was carefully chosen, as it can be used be people of all genders, and reflects our purpose as leaders in the community: to serve others rather than have authority over others.

All prospective Teachers must be at least 18 years old. Exceptions may be made if the following conditions are met: The child is over 13 years old, a parent is a coven Teacher, and they have consistently demonstrated the maturity and responsibility necessary to contribute to the coven. 

New Teachers are welcomed into the coven over the course of a year of studies in which they join the coven for celebrations, independent study or work with a mentor, and assist with events and workshops. To mark the beginning of their year of study, the coven will hold a dedication ceremony to affirm their decision to join the coven and pledge our support in helping them to grow on their spiritual path. Once the year has passed, the Dedicant will be initiated into the coven as a Teacher, be gifted with a tabard and cloak, and be welcomed to join all rituals within the inner grove.

If a Teacher of the coven is confident in their ability to teach and has the time and resources to do so, they are welcome to mentor Dedicants or host workshops. However, this is not required to be a Teacher of the coven. Dedicants may work with one or more mentors during their year or choose to study independently.

We are an egalitarian coven, with each member holding equal status and respect. As such, all members are welcome to host holiday gatherings, lead rituals, teach workshops, and mentor others.

We are a teaching coven, and our collective goal is to learn and grow as a group, as well as working to provide resources and knowledge to anyone with the sincere will to learn about witchcraft or spirituality.

We have agreed to meet for a total of 8 holidays each year: the Quarters and Cross-quarters (Solstices, Equinoxes, and 4 holidays that fall between). Coven Teachers are expected to be present at Solar holidays. However, Lunar holidays and workshops are optional. In the event that a Teacher is unable to attend an event or ritual, it is the responsibility of that person to make others aware of this in advance so that a volunteer may be found to take their place in any ritual roles or to fulfill their responsibilities for that event.

Each Teacher is welcome to host gatherings either in their home, at public locations (such as parks), or in a venue of their choice. Holidays are intended to be open to the coven’s outer circle (friends and family that celebrate with the coven, but are not initiated) so that members of the local Pagan community can meet our coven, have like minded people to celebrate with, and build a positive community. 

As we are a family friendly coven that may have children present at holidays and rituals, clothing is required. Coven robes and tabards are optional, but encouraged for public rituals and gatherings, but casual dress is welcome for events in public spaces (such as parks, fairs, restaurants, etc).  

Children are welcome at gatherings, but it is the responsibility of their parents to ensure that they are happy, entertained, and well behaved. 

Alcohol is welcome during rituals and feasts. However, we may ask that members and guests refrain from bringing alcohol to gatherings in the event that someone present is uncomfortable around alcohol (recovering alcoholic, under 21 years old, etc). To protect the coven from potential legal issues, alcohol will not be used in rituals that include anyone under the age of 21, and illegal substances are not allowed at gatherings. 

While members of the coven may request assistance with spellwork, requests for spellwork will not be accepted from others within the community.

All coven Teachers have equal say in any decisions that affect the coven. Amendments to the coven compact will be decided by a majority vote, if needed. Votes will be cast anonymously to ensure that all are comfortable with voicing their views.

A meeting will take place amongst coven members each year near Midwinter and Midsummer to make suggestions, address potential issues, plan events for the next 6 months, and discuss the progress and goals of prospective members.

Any conflict between two coven members should be handled by the individuals. Conflicting members are expected to remain outside the ritual circles until they are able to resolve their issues.

Information about coven members and the rituals will be kept private to protect the privacy and safety of our members. However, exceptions will be made if a member or former member has shared words or actions that indicate they are a danger to themselves or others.

A meeting will be called and a vote will be cast on whether a member of the coven should be removed from the coven in the event that one of these issues occurs:

  1. A member of the coven intentionally causes emotional, spiritual, or physical harm to another member

  2. A member behaves in such a way that causes harm to the coven, its members, its reputation, or the community

  3. A member is publicly or privately sharing hateful views or encouraging abusive behavior (such as racism, sexism, white supremacy, homophobia, etc)

  4. A member shows behavior that indicates that they are not mature, responsible, or mentally stable enough to represent the coven in a positive way and contribute to our shared goals.

In the event that a meeting has to be called as a result of a member’s behavior on 3 separate occasions, their ties to the coven will be severed. Should this happen, the former member will return their cloak, and keep their tabard as a reflection of their spiritual progress and journey with the coven. 

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