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Magic Market 2024

Find One of A Kind Treasurers, Receive Spiritual Readings, Discover Beautiful Handmade Gifts, Participate in Workshops With Friends, Support Local Spiritual Businesses, and Help Fund Future Community Events!

Photos From Magic Market 2024



Thank you for visiting our webpage for Magic Market 2024! This event is a fundraiser for Tree of Knowledge Coven so that we can raise funds for free classes, special events, public celebrations, and online resources for the Pagan Community. In addition to funding community projects, we are also able to support local spiritual businesses by offering vendor spaces for the low cost of $30. We are also shining a spotlight on some amazing presenters in our community who host amazing workshops and gatherings!


Purchase Tickets Early To Ensure That Your Seat Is Saved


Purchase Tickets Early To Ensure That Your Seat Is Saved

Vendor Information

This market is being held at Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Columbus, IN. While it is an indoor, air conditioned venue, guests and vendors are invited to explore the grounds and enjoy the nature sanctuary, Memory walk, meditation labyrinth, and other peaceful nature spaces. There are three bathrooms, including a single stall restroom with a baby changing table.

The booth space is 6 ft by 6 ft space for $30. Please plan accordingly so that all of your materials fit within this space. Set up will begin at 8 am on April 6th, and the Magic Market will begin at 9 am. You may wish to bring a table, chairs, and any displays that you like, so long as it fits in the 6x6 ft space.


Vendors are responsible for selling their goods and collecting payment. You may wish to bring a money box, small bills, and a means of collecting card payments as these will not be offered by Tree of Knowledge.

If you would like to register as a vendor for Magic Market 2024, please click the button below to fill out the registration form.

Magic Market Customer Map.png

Volunteers Needed

Magic Market is going to be a fun event filled with friends, food, and activities! If you are wanting to lend a hand and help make the magic happen, we are looking for volunteers for a variety of roles. Take a look at the list below and see if there are any roles that you would be comfortable filling:


We will have roughly 20 vendors setting up from 8-9 am. Some of our vendors may have limited mobility or need assistance with carrying in their supplies.


After the party is over, we will need some beefcakes to help carry the vendors supplies to their vehicles. We may also need to run a vacuum and tidy up.


If you don't want to do the heavy lifting, you can always bring some baked goods for the bake sale!


This is the perfect time for Spring Cleaning! Add any spiritual supplies or witchy decorations to the "Coven Yard Sale" booth.


We have some special gift bundles, hand made oddities, and even tickets for our special events that will be given to the lucky winners of our raffles! Enter to win for only $5 per ticket, or receive a raffle ticket for each hour that you volunteer!


Want to lend a hand? CLICK HERE TO VOLUNTEER!

For every hour that you volunteer, your name will be entered to win one of our raffle prizes! Raffle winners will be announced at 10 am, 12 pm, and 2 pm

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