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Our Coven Library Is Online!

Books can be REALLY expensive, especially when you are just getting started on your path. We have created a coven library so that members of our community can borrow books at events for up to 30 days. A section of our library will be available at each holiday gathering. If you have any old books to donate, we would be pleased to share them with others. You can bring books you would like to donate to events or send us an email. You can browse our catalog at:


Children & Teen Library

We have added several spiritual books for children and teens to our collection! We will be bringing our children's section of the library to our  Solstice and Equinox Celebrations throughout the year.

We have a lot of amazing kids in our community, and you can find these books in our catalog in the "Children & Teens" or "Pagan Parenting" collections.

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