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Security Changes for Holidays

While we enjoy creating events that are open to all members of the Pagan community, we value the safety of our members above all else. With white supremacists and anti-LBGTQ hate groups on the rise (even within some spiritual circles), our council has made the decision to no longer publicly share the time and location of our private holiday gatherings. In the three years that we have been hosting open public celebrations, we are very fortunate to have never encountered a potentially dangerous guest at any gathering. We are also blessed to have well-prepared security volunteers within our coven. However, we have recently noticed (and removed) a few followers of our Facebook page that are either affiliated with hate groups or were promoting hateful propaganda. We would prefer to prevent violent or hateful people from having access to our community, and we apologize if this change causes any inconvenience for our members. So what does this mean for our members?

Details and dates of our gatherings will still be shared in our weekly emails, on our public Facebook page, and on our website so that everyone can mark their calendars and plan ahead for gatherings. HOWEVER, the specific location of our more private holiday gatherings will be shared directly with members who frequently attend events (via email, the seasonal Coven Newsletters, or in the Coven's online forum) and will also be shared in our private Facebook Group (which only contains vetted members who have attended in person). What does this mean for our friends who are interested in joining the coven, but have not attended in person yet?

We will still have gatherings and meetups in more public locations, including our all-ages Solstice and Equinox Celebrations. These are great opportunities for new friends to get to know us in a more social setting (like apple picking or a cemetery tour & picnic). If you would like to meet up with members of the coven and make new friends, all are welcome to join us, or our community coordinator Brittany Phillips is happy to meet up for coffee to answer any questions that you might have. We appreciate everyones patience and compassion as we make these changes.

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