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Coming Soon: Coven Social Media!

Some of you may have noticed that a "Log In" button has recently appeared at the top of our website. This is because we are building a social media forum into our website so that members of our coven can stay connected, get to know each other, share ideas, and even help with planning our holiday gatherings! Our council members are still testing this feature, but our goal is to have it ready for coven members to join by the end of October!


Why does the coven need it's own social media?

There are many different options available for people who want to connect online. However, this isn't always helpful. While we do have a Facebook page, some members of the coven (including 2 council members) do not have a Facebook account. Some prefer Instagram, while others are not on that platform. By adding this forum to our website, we hope to offer a way to connect that is more accessible to everyone. This also protects us from losing valuable information if a social media platform wrongfully deactivated our public account due to reporting (looking at you Facebook).

With this new feature on our website, members of our coven can make an account, customize their profile, connect with friends, and join in multiple conversations through our Forum page.

You can share posts, special announcements, questions, share photos from holiday gatherings, and more! Posting to our Coven Forum is very similar to many other social media platforms, but with even more options that you can include in your post...

When you create a post, you can add text, photos, emojis, videos, section dividers, gifs, expandable lists, polls, embed codes, and more!

Expandable lists are a great tool to help if you find the info you're looking for in longer discussions by clicking the drop down arrows.

We're very excited about this project, and our council will be testing it out over the next few weeks. While this is a fun feature to help people stay connected, it is also helpful in ensuring the safety of our members. Starting October 31st, we will be sharing information about our private holiday gatherings in this Coven Forum. For this reason, only coven members will be able to create an account. If you would like to become an official member of the coven, please join us for the initiation ceremony at our Ancestor Night Gathering on Sunday, October 29th.

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